About Leiga

What is Leiga?

At Leiga, our mission is to drastically improve the way you manage projects.

Instead of manually updating tickets, Leiga uses automation and AI to update both projects and people.

Leiga learns the nuances of how you work as an individual, and as a team. It assists you and your team in handling complex information and repetitive tasks, seamlessly integrating into your productivity workflow.

Leiga is here to do the tedious work for you, provide crucial project information, assist in decision-making for leadership.

Leiga is not just another project management software— it’s the new, intelligent way to collaborate.

Intelligent Decision-making

From requirement screening and intelligent reviewing, to automated scheduling and risk alerts, Leiga is a single solution designed to enhance your team’s communication and collaboration.

Leiga keeps your focus squarely on agile development, ensuring you stay on schedule, and innovate as planned.

Your Own Personal Assistant

Leiga uses AI to automate information input and output.

In short, Leiga eliminates tedious steps such as manual entry, status modification, and data retrieval.

Important updates like requirement changes, task logs, and error alerts are automatically sent to the relevant team members.

This keeps the right team members notified without relying on a human to update them.

With Leiga, key information is always at your fingertips.

Customizable Workflows

Leiga prides itself on customizability, allowing your team to personalize settings to fit your unique workflow.

Leiga can cater to the specific needs of different teams, allowing you to work in whatever way feels most natural to you.

Where other tools require you to tweak them to suit your needs, Leiga simply adjusts to you the more you use it.

Developer Plugin Support

Leiga improves developer efficiency with support for various plugins including IDE plugins, Git Integration and OpenAPI, allowing for cross-platform data interaction and status Synchronization.

This streamlines the collaborative process for developers, making your workday smoother, and your process more agile.

Still Using JIRA?

Leiga seamlessly syncs with JIRA within minutes.

Any update made in Leiga instantly mirrors in JIRA, and vice versa. This means you can leverage Leiga's automation and AI benefits immediately while keeping your JIRA instance up-to-date for your team.

Discover how much easier and better it is to work in Leiga, no need for your entire team to switch over right away. Soon enough, they'll catch on to the incredible productivity gains you're enjoying.

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