Use Release to schedule your delivery plan centrally. Click Release on the sidebar menu to access the page.

Can't find Release on the sidebar menu?

Create a New Release

Click the button in the upper right corner to create a release.

  • Write a name to specify the release.

  • Add an owner to the release.

  • Add the start time and when you plan to release.

  • Add a description to the release.

Make a Release Plan

Click the name of the release to enter the detail page for planning.

Here, you can view and manage the details of a release plan.

Add work to the release plan

To add work to the release plan:

  1. Click the Add Work button.

  2. Select a project and you can search or filter the work.

  3. Tick multiple works and click Add to Release button at the bottom of the list.

Remove Work from Release

Back to the Release details page, and click the Remove button in the action column to remove the work from the release.

Release a Plan

Click the Release button on the upper-right corner of the release details page to release a delivery plan.

To release a version, you need to decide how to deal with the unfinished work:

  • Move them to another unreleased version

  • Move them out of this release

  • Ignore the unfinished work

Actions on Releases

Modify Release Information

Click Edit Releases on the action bar and you can modify the release name, owner, start time, when you plan to release and description.

Archive a Release

You can archive the released or discarded release to keep a neat list view. You can access the archived release anytime by adding the filter of Release Status.

Search and Filter

The release list shows only unreleased items by default. You can search the release by name or add filters.

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