Project Overview

Project Overview

Project Overview provides a high-level snapshot of the project, offering a bird's-eye view of what's happening within the project. You can access this overview through the project navigation menu at the top.

Project Information

Update Project Information

To make changes to project information, click on the editable fields and update them.

Information such as work items, total points, project progress, and total estimated time is automatically derived from the project data.

Project Progress

Hover over the progress bar to access detailed information about the project's progress.

Customize the Layout of Overview

If you wish to tailor the layout of the project overview to your specific needs, click on the "Customize" button.

Project administrator permissions are required to perform this action.

The layout customization page consists of two sections:

Create a Custom Field

To introduce new fields to the layout, click the "+Create Field" button in the "Available Fields" section. You have the flexibility to use formulas, text, dates, and member fields, among others, in your Project Overview.

You can choose to share these created fields with other projects(requires organization administrator privileges).

Add Fields to the Layout

Drag and drop fields from the "Available Fields" section into the "Preview" section.

Remove Fields from the Layout

Remove fields by moving them from the "Preview" section to the "Available Fields" section.

Edit or Delete a Field

Hover over the field card and select the "Edit" or "Delete" icon.

System preset fields cannot be edited or deleted.

Reorder the Layout

Once fields have been added to the "Preview" section, you can further customize the display order by dragging and dropping them as needed.

Remember to save your layout modifications.

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