Backlog allow your team prioritize work, and make plans in advance.

Backlog will only appear when the Sprint feature is enabled

Backlog Layout

The Backlog interface is divided into two main sections:

Product Backlog

All unplanned and incomplete work items are listed in the product backlog. You can prioritize them and select work items for upcoming sprints accordingly.

Adding Work to the Product Backlog

Enter a a title to quickly create work at the bottom of the page.

Sorting Your Work

Reorder your backlog work to prioritize the most important items.

Backlog work items can be sorted by Priority, Estimated Points or other numeric fields.

To sort the backlog:

  1. Hover over the field that you want to sort by;

Customize Columns

You can customize which columns to display.

To customize the columns:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the backlog area.

  2. Toggle the switch to display or hide the fields.

  3. Drag and drop to reorder the columns.

Search and Filter

You can search by title in the search bar or add a filter to view specific work items.

Bulk Actions on Backlog

To modify multiple work items simultaneously, check the checkboxes next to the work items. You can bulk modify fields, such as Sprint, Owner, Priority, Epic, and more.

Sprint Planning

To plan future work, move work from the backlog to sprints.

Create a Sprint

Click the Create Sprint Button to create a sprint.

Start or Complete a Sprint

Modify Sprint Info

Add Work to Sprints

Drag and drop work from the backlog to add it to a particular sprint.

To remove work from a sprint, drag and drop that work item back to the backlog, or into another sprint.

Delete a Sprint

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