Global Search and Hotkeys

Click Search on the sidebar menu to open a global search.

Enter the ID or keywords of the summary to search settings, work, epic, subtask, or comments. You can see recently viewed work on the windows.


Global Hotkeys

Shift + / : Open the Hotkeys description

/ : Open Global Search

N : Open Notifications

Esc: Close the popup window or put away the drop-down box/popup box

G + D: Open Dashboard

The original hotkey G+H will be deprecated on February 16, 2024

G + T: Open Team

G + M: Open Roadmap

G + R: Open Release(Only works when Release feature is enabled)

Project Hotkeys

G + P: Enter Sprint or Kanban page of the last visited project

G + S: Enter Sprint or Kanban page

G + B: Enter Backlog page (only works when Sprint features are enabled)

G + W: Enter the Work page

The original hotkey G+I will be deprecated on February 16, 2024

G + E: Enter the Epics page (only works when Epic features is enabled)

Work Hotkeys

C: Create work

Ctrl + S: Create work and close the details page / Save and close Epic details

A: Assign the work to Me

O: Change the owner to Me

F: Add Me as a follower

<-: View the previous work/epic details

->: View the next work/epic details

Screen Record Hotkeys

Here are the hotkeys for Leiga Recorder Chrome extension :

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