Apps and Integration

Apps and Integration

Click your avatar in the bottom left and select Integrations in the menu to enter the overview of app and integration.

Organization admin permissions required.

System Applications

Used for cross-project delivery planning.


Connect Slack with Leiga to receive project and work related notifications, adjust work details and transfer Slack messages to Leiga work.

Development Tools

GitLab Integration

Dynamically synchronize Leiga work with Gitlab code commits, branches, and merge requests for more efficient development collaboration.

With Leiga for GitHub integration, you can automatically sync commit, branches and pull request updates to work in Leiga. GitHub integration helps raise visibility and transparency around engineering work between technical and non-technical teams, and improves cross-functional collaboration.

Jenkins Integration

View Jenkins builds and pipeline deployments without leaving Leiga.

Design Tools

Embed Figma files into Leiga work, allowing teams to preview the latest design.

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