Personal Info

Click your avatar at the bottom left, and select My Settings to manage your account.

Basic personal information

Modify Avatar

To modify your profile picture.

  1. Select My Account in the sidebar of Settings.

  2. On the My Account page, click your avatar and upload a new photo to renew.

Modify username

Click the input box next to Name, rewrite the user name and click Save.

Login account

Click the Link button and Log in to your google account to connect with Leiga.

Change your password

Click Change Password, enter the old and new passwords and click Save.

Your Role in the Organization

Basic Info

You can view the organization's basic information here: the number of people in your organization and your role.

Leave the organization

  1. Click the Quit the organization button on the info card.

  2. Enter the organization name for verification and quit the organization.

You will not be able to access the organization after leaving it.


1. Can I change my bound email address after my company has changed its domain name?

Organization administrators can modify the bound email address.

2. Can I rejoin the organization after leaving it?

You cannot rescind your decision after leaving the organization; if you want to rejoin, please contact the organization administrator to be re-invited.

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