For Product Owners

Welcome to Leiga!

This guide will walk you through how to manage your product backlog and sprints in Leiga.

Designed for agile development teams, Leiga provides templates with best practices built-in to help you quickly create project workflows that handle user stories, ongoing tasks, bug tracking, and any work that just pops up.

If you’ve got more work than your team can handle, you’ll rely on a backlog. Inside backlog, you can:

  • Create Work. Make a list of to-do items by clicking the ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner.

  • Record a video to share your ideas. Distributed teamwork can be made more efficient by recording a video to clarify your requirements, or any problems you encounter.

>> Can I create work in bulk?

3. Schedule Your Backlog

Use the Backlog feature to create sprint plans in Leiga.

  • Prioritize. Calculate priority and estimate workload for work in the backlog, resulting in a ranking for them.

  • Sprint Planning. Drag and drop work items in the backlog into sprints according to the ranking and sprint capacity.

>> How do I work with sprints?

Check off the changes you need to follow and choose the channel you are more comfortable with to receive messages. Don't miss out on any important changes to your project work.

>> Can I create notifications for specific scenarios?

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