For Project Managers

Welcome to Leiga!

This guide will walk you through how to organize and manage your project in Leiga. Follow the steps below to quickly build your project.

1. Creating Projects and Inviting Members

There are many project templates for you to choose from based on the best practices for different scenarios. This helps you quickly build the process for your project with preset workflows, work types, and automations.

>> Modify the Workflow Setting

>> Customize the work type

>> Invite new members to your organization

2. Managing Work In a Project

To make the project run smoothly, first make sure the project work is organized so that everything can get done on schedule.

  • Create new work. Click the ‘+’ in the lower right corner of your screen to create new work. Give it a title and provide your teammates a concise overview of the task. You can also add custom fields to give work more context or details.

  • Assign the Work to Someone. Assignee is the person who does the actual job to complete it. Owner is the person who is responsible. You can also add members who need to keep track of the work progress as Followers.

  • Create Subtasks. Each work item has only one Assignee. If a work item includes multiple steps and needs more people involved, you can break it into subtasks.

  • Add dependencies between work items. Give your team more context by linking your work item to another. This is excellent for collaboration, for example "A is blocked by B" means work item A cannot be completed until work item B is.

>> Import work from other tools

>> Create work in bulk

3. Tracking The Progress of a Project

Stay on top of project progress, and spot issues before they become real problems.

  • Visualize workflow in Kanban. Gain a better understanding of the overall progress in your project’s Kanban board. Drag and drop cards across columns to update their status.

  • View project insights. Use our default charts, or add widgets to your dashboard to get insights into how everything is going in your project.

  • Get updates in real-time. Set up your notification preferences and subscribe to events you want to be notified about. Ignore the irrelevant stuff, and make sure you don't miss anything you need.

4. Automating Mundane Tasks

Oftentimes the work is progressing, but the project status and info isn’t up-to-date.

No sweat.

With Leiga, automation helps you complete repetitive chores such as task assignments, status updates, and notifying people of changes.

Leiga makes it easy to set up simple rules that will automate your most mundane tasks.

5. Managing Multiple Projects Simultaneously

Keep parallel projects running smoothly, even with limited resources.

  • Spotlight at-risk work. The Roadmap helps you see how different projects relate to each other and how they are progressing. This lets you focus on overdue work, make quick adjustments, and facilitate efficient teamwork.

  • Improve resource allocation. Get an overview of everyone's workload. Keep track of your team's work schedule so you can organize your resources better.

6. Saving Settings For Future Projects

Once you’ve created a project to suit your needs, you can save those best practices and settings as an organization template.

This way, you can standardize workflows, and start new projects using preferences you’ve already saved.

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