For Developers

Welcome to Leiga!

Leiga was created by developers, for developers.

We know what deep work means to developers, and our goal is to keep you focused.

Here are a few ways we help you code without interruption.

1. IDE Plugin

Use our IDE plugin to view and update your work and collaborate with your team without ever leaving your coding window.

Search “Leiga” in your IDE App Store, and install our IDE Plugin to get the most out of your Leiga experience.

>> Is my IDE supported?

2. Find My Upcoming Tasks

You can easily get ticket information right in your IDE.

No need to click back and forth for detailed info.

  • View your work in the IDE. Filter by project or sprint, and view your work or subtask details right in your IDE.

3. Collaborate With Your Team

Keeping tickets up-to-date is absolutely crucial to project collaboration.

Don't want to be interrupted or asked all the time? Here’s how Leiga can help.

  • Set a deadline for a task. Set a due date when you get a new task. Let your team members know when the task is expected to be done. You'll get fewer messages asking, “when do you think we’ll have this completed?”

  • Discuss with your team via comments. You can @ someone in the comments of a work item to ask a question or get more details about a task. This way, everyone with access to that project has detailed background info and discussion details in one place.

  • Update your progress. Update the work status when you make any progress. This will keep others in the loop about the state of specific work items.

All the above actions can be done through the plugin without leaving your IDE.

Get the Leiga IDE plugin and try it for yourself!

4. View Plans and Team Progress

To view the status of a specific work item in a project or sprint, you can view the project’s Kanban board to see how your teammate's work is going.

Transparency is key to agile development, and Leiga makes it easy.

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