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Welcome to Leiga!

Follow the quick start guide below to get started with Leiga right away.

1. Creating New Work

β€œWork” is the basic unit for recording, communicating, and advancing your project.

You can use work to keep track of a requirement, a user story, a bug, or feedback.

Click the β€˜+’ button in the lower right corner of your screen to create a new work item.

If you are not in any projects, click here to learn how to create your own project.

>> Can I create work in bulk?

>> How do I create different types of work?

>> How do I customize the work detail panel?

2. Finding My Work

You can easily view all the work assigned to you using:

3. Ways to Collaborate

  • Update Work Status. Check off subtasks to mark them as done. Drag and drop the work across columns in Kanban to update the status. Your teammates will see these changes reflected instantly when they view the Kanban board.

  • Add a comment and @someone to ask a question. Simply @someone in the comments of a work item to notify them of any updates or changes. Anyone in that project can see your comments and any responses. This gives the whole team a single source of truth and a clear history of all updates and discussions around that work item.

  • Share your ideas through video. Show your teammates what you mean instead of describing it at length. You can instantly screen record videos to express your ideas faster and in your own words. AI will transcribe your voice into the work description so it’s searchable in the future.

4. Set Up Notifications

Want to stay on top of important changes, but don't want to be overwhelmed with emails or messages?

Manage your Notification preference and select the events you want to be notified of in your account settings.

Choose what events you want to keep your eyes on, and pick your preferred method of notification (Slack, email, or directly in the Leiga app).

>> How do I connect Leiga with Slack?

>> Can Leiga send notifications by email?

>> How do I use Leiga Automation to customize notifications?

Make collaboration easier and smoother by inviting your teammates or colleagues to Leiga!

They’ll appreciate it.

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