Screen Recording

It’s always easier to show someone a bug/feature than explain it at length using text.

The Screen Recording feature gives a visual route to help your team members better understand the common goal you’re trying to achieve.

Having a visual reference is often faster, allowing your teammates to quickly grasp the problem, and solve it more quickly.

Click to view the AI features of Screen Recording.

Record a Video

From Quick Action

  1. Hover on the quick action icon "+" in the lower right of your screen;

  2. Click on "Screen Record";

  3. Choose to record:

    • Your entire screen

    • An application window

    • A browser tab

  4. Click the "Stop" button at the bottom to finish the recording;

  5. You will see a preview popup of your video;

  6. Click on the pencil icon to rename your video;

  7. You can now:

    • Copy the Link and share the video with others.

    • Create a new work item and embed your video in the description.

For security reasons, only members in your Leiga organization can watch the video using the share link.

From Work Description

To record a video within a work item:

  1. Open the work details pane;

  2. Select the Description field and click the record icon;

  3. Choose to record:

    • Your entire screen

    • An application window

    • A browser tab

  4. The recorded video will be embedded in the Description.

Transcribe Video to Text

With your video embedded in the Description field, the video can be transcribed to text.

To modify the fields automatically:

  1. Record and embed a video in the Description.

  2. Click the Transcript icon.

  3. Based on the transcript, AI will suggest certain actions.

Manage the Recordings

  1. Click on the avatar in the lower left and select "My Settings";

  2. Select "Recordings" in the sidebar menu.

Sort and View

You can sort recordings by:

  • Creation Date

  • File Size

  • Name

Rename Your Video

Hover over the video and click the pencil icon, then rewrite the video name.

Delete or Download Video

Leiga Recorder Chrome Extension

Download the Leiga Recorder Chrome extension to access features like a pen, eraser, and pause recording.

β‘  - Stop: Stop recording.

β‘’ - Pen: Hold the mouse button to annotate.

β‘£ - Text: Typing displays text on the screen.

β‘€ - Eraser: Hold down the mouse to remove annotation.

β‘₯ - Clear Screen: Clear all annotation content.

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