The Team feature shows your team's workload and work capacity. Knowing the work schedule of members and their workload allows you to coordinate resources more rationally.

Click Teams on the sidebar menu to enter the feature.

View Workload

Workload shows a day-by-day visualization of how much work each member has been assigned during that period and compares it with their capacity. This allows you to immediately see who is overloaded.

You can choose to view the workload by each member or group.

  • The percentages on the blue boxes show the group workload against group capacity.

  • Click on the group name to expand and see the schedule of the group members.

  • The number on the green boxes indicates the workload against the capacity of each member(Man-hour/estimated point).

  • Click on a member's name to expand and view the specific work assigned to them.

  • The boxes will turn red when the member or group is overloaded.


  • Ungroup members will be displayed individually after the groups.

  • Scheduled but unassigned work is visible in the Unassigned group at the bottom of the view.

Filter Your View

Click the filter options to focus on Group, Assignee, Project, and Date Range.

You can measure resources' workload and capacity in Box view based on:

  • Man-hours

  • Estimated Points

  • Work Items

However, the project workload counted in the three different methods can not be viewed at the same time.

View by Day, Week or Month

Choose the workload view that spans days, weeks or months.

Set Capacity

Setting team members' capacity allows you to visualize who is overloaded and to reallocate work. This makes resource coordination more reasonable and efficient.

Modify the capacity

  1. Hover over the name of the group and click the pencil icon.

  2. Click the - or + button to modify the capacity of each member in the group.

  3. If you want to set the same capacity for all the members in a group, select Edit In Bulk and set the capacity.


  • The way the capacity is set(by story point or count of work) depends on how the workload is counted for the projects.

  • When the workload is counted in Man-hours, the capacity of each member is set as 8 hours by default and can not be modified.

  • The group capacity is accumulated by members.

  • Weekly capacity is divided evenly Monday through Sunday, leaving non-workdays.

  • You can choose to apply the same capacity for all members.

  • If you want to modify the capacity of a specific member, hover over his/her name and click the pencil icon.

Manage Resources

Re-allocate Work

You can re-allocate work just by dragging and dropping work from one member's box to another, so as to reduce the risk of delay.

View Work Details

  • Hover over the work items to preview work details.

  • Click on the workload estimation to modify them directly on the card.

  • Click on the work items to open work details.

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