Create Work

Create Work

Create work in Bulk

  1. Write out a list of tasks to quickly create multiple work items at once. Press ‘Enter’ to separate each task.

Work Type

Work Type indicates the category of a particular work item. For instance, a bug, a user story, or a test case.

Select the Work Type best suited to your project.

You can customize Work Types if the default options don't suit your needs.

Default Fields

  • Project: A mandatory field for work. Each work item must belong to a specific project. Once the work item is created, the project it belongs to can not be changed.

  • Sprint: The iteration the work item belongs to. Only available when Sprint feature is enabled for current project.

  • Due time: Let your teammates know when a task should be completed by.

  • Member fields: Out of the box there are three member fields: owner, assignee and followers. You can also add custom member fields, such as Product Owner.

  • Work Title: The title of a particular work item.

  • Tags: Give your work additional context that can be used to filter or categorize work for easy viewing.

  • Anchor: A quick way to get to linked work, subtasks, and attachments.

  • Description: Allow you to describe the work in detail. Markdown syntax is supported.

  • Linked Work: Add dependencies to work, and get a comprehensive view of your work's context and progress.

  • Subtasks: Split larger work into smaller, actionable items.

  • Attachments: Upload a file for reference.

  • Comments: Add comments to work items, such as questions, answers, or extra information.

Custom Fields

In addition to the default fields, you add custom fields to the work details pane.

Quick Actions for Work Items

  1. Hover on the work ID to copy either the ID&Title or the ID&Title&Link.

Pin Work

You can pin work to the bottom right corner of your screen for easy access.

Duplicate Work

The duplicated work will default to the current project, but you can change this by hovering over the project name and selecting another.

Customize Work Item Detail Pane

Pin fields to the top

On the details pane, each user can pin their commonly used fields to the top for easy access.

Delete work

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