Leiga dashboard with various widgets helps you gain deeper insights into your team's performance.

Click Dashboard on the sidebar menu to enter Dashboard.

Create a Dashboard

Share Dashboard with Others

You can share the dashboard with everyone in your organization.

To share dashboards:

  1. Select the dashboard to share. You can select more than one dashboard.

  1. Select whom to share with. You can select to share with a specific member, a group or the members from specific projects.

  2. Besides the above ways, you can share by a link. Copy the link and share it on any channel. Anyone in your organization can view the dashboard with the sharing link.


  • Those whom you share the dashboards with can only view the dashboard, no editing.

  • The shared dashboard data is kept in sync with the original.

Manage the Dashboards

Rename Dashboard

Duplicate Dashboard

Delete Dashboard

Sort Dashboard

Actions on a Dashboard

Dashboard Settings

You can set the options of project and sprint for all the widgets on a dashboard to easily gain a project or sprint report.

  1. Select the project and sprint.


1. Can I delete the dashboards that are shared by others?

Yes, supported.

2. If I resize or reorder the widgets on a dashboard that are shared by others, will it be synchronized with others?

No, the changed parts are only visible to you.

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