Add Widgets to Dashboard

Click the Add Widget button at the top right corner to view a list of widgets available. The widgets are organized into categories for easier access.

Find the widgets you need to add, then add them to the dashboard by clicking or dragging and dropping.

>> Learn more about the widgets

Arrange the Widgets

You can move the position of the Widgets or resize them to organize your dashboard.

Move a widget

  1. Click and drag any widget to move it.

  2. Other widgets will adjust themselves automatically.

Resize a widget

  1. Hover over the sides or corners of any widget.

  2. When your cursor becomes a resize arrow, click and drag to resize the widget.

Available Widgets

  • Number: Get a numeric or statistical view of your data.

  • Chart: Visualize your project data and get actionable insights.

  • Burndown Chart: View the sprint progress and discover potential risks of overdue in time.

  • Burnup Chart: Track what's been completed against the total scope of work and evaluate what the team has accomplished.

  • Cumulative Flow Chart: Displays total number of work items in each state, and reflects flow efficiency.

  • Kanban Widget: Display project or sprint progress and form project reports with other widgets.

  • Assigned to: Use a list to manage the work assignments of your team members.

Only works when integrated with Git:

  • Commit Efficiency: By counting the code submission frequency, you can understand the performance of the developer.

  • Merge Time Report: Observe the duration distribution of Merge requests for review and problem detection.

  • Merge Request Statistics: By counting the Merge request frequency, you can observe the performance of the R&D team in the period.

>> Learn more about GitLab integration/GitHub integration.

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