Custom Fields


Formula fields allow you to make calculations on value data like numeric, date or time on a work automatically.

How to set a formula

To create a formula field:

  1. Click the +Create button and select Formula field type.

  2. Add a field name.

  3. Select available fields or functions from the dropdown and enter operators(+, -, * or /) to write any valid formula.

  4. Click the Check Syntax button to check the validity of the syntax.

  5. Choose the display form for the calculation result: Date, Date&Time, Integer, Decimal, Percentages-value, Percentages- progress bar.

  6. Add a description to the formula(not required)

Supported Fields

  • Today (variable)

  • Now (variable)

  • Create Time

  • Updated Time

  • Estimated Points

  • Due Time

  • Start Time

  • Custom Number Fields

  • Custom Date/Time Fields

Sample Formulas

  • Remaining Days

Formula: {Due Time} - {Now} + 1Day

Display Form: Date

  • Subtask completion progress

Formula: SUM(Subtask - Estimated Point; Status = "completed") / SUM(Subtask - Estimated Point;)

Display Form: Percentages - Progress bar


A single line of plain text.

Long Text

A paragraph of plain text.

Rich Text

Text area with Markdown editing support.

Numeric - Integer & Decimal

A formatted numeric value, that can be used to make calculations on formula.

Date, Date&Time

A custom date, or time.

A series of options in a menu.

Radio Button

A true or false checkbox.

You can set an option as the default in a Dropdown, Radio Button, Rich Text, Long Text, or Member.

Any URL for quick access.

Progress Bar

A progress bar that's manually set.


It can be single or multi-choice. The options range can be set to a member group.

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