Sprint Tracking

Sprint Tracking

Switch Between Sprints

Click on the sprint name to expand the dropdown, and select the sprint that you want to view.

Organize work in the Sprint

Drag and Drop

Each column is a status in your workflow. You can drag and drop work across columns to move them through statuses as you progress.

Create Work

Add work to a column by clicking the "+ Create Work" button in that column.

Quick Actions for Work Items

Modify Fields

Click on the fields of each card to quickly modify:

  • Priority

  • Due date

  • Estimated workload (Points/Work hours)

  • Assignee

Add Subtask

Click on the "+ Add Subtask" button and write a title to add a subtask.

Mark a subtask as completed

Tick the box next to the subtask to mark it as completed.

Hover over a work item and click the "ยทยทยท" icon to copy the URL of that work item.

Pin, Duplicate or Delete Work

Hover over a work item and click the "ยทยทยท" icon to:

  • Pin the work item for future use

  • Duplicate the work item in current Sprint

  • Delete the work item

Manage Columns(Statuses)

Add Columns

Click the "+ Add Status" button to add a column. Once created, you can drag columns to re-order them.

Change the status types

>> What is a Status Type?

Edit or delete columns

Columns must be empty before they can be deleted.

View Settings

Click on Group by in the top right corner to change views. This option allows you to change the way that cards are grouped on the board.

Grouped by Assignee

Get a more intuitive view of each member's work progress, and identify sprint bottlenecks.

Get a hierarchical view of work items and their child work items, making it easy to see how smaller, related tasks contribute to the completion of larger ones.

Search & Filter

You can search by title at the top of the board or add a filter to view specific work items.

View Subtasks

You can filter by subtasks inside a sprint. When subtask filtering is added, the filtered result will only show the subtasks that match your conditions.

Sprint Tracking

Start or Complete a Sprint

Once the sprint is started, dashboard widgets for this sprint will be activated. You can use the widgets on your dashboard to monitor your sprint and keep track of its progress.

Before a sprint can be completed, the unfinished work items need to be completed or moved to other sprints.

Sprint Progress

Click on the progress bar to see the completion status of the sprint.

You can go to Project Settings to change how workload is measured.

Sprint Settings

Basic Settings

Sprint Change Log

  • Sprint Items: Shows work items created, deleted, added to, or removed from the sprint on a daily basis.

  • Sprint Info: Shows changes made to the sprint information, such as the date the sprint was created, sprint owner changes, and more.

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