Import Work from Jira

Import your works from Jira and quickly start your projects on Leiga. We support the bi-directional synchronization of works in Jira and Leiga, allowing you to use Leiga without worries.

Enter Importing Page

Please make sure you have admin permissions in Jira and Leiga organization.

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom left and select System Settings in the menu.

  2. Click Jira Sync on the left side.

  3. Find Jira and click the Start Import button to enter the importing page.

Start Importing

We support the following Jira versions:

  • Jira Server V8.13

  • Jira Cloud

Please make sure that your Jira account has administrator rights before proceeding to the next step.

Step1. Connect Leiga with your Jira account

  1. Click on Start Importing and select Jira Cloud.

  2. Fill in your Jira information:

Including URL, API Token, and Email.

  • URL: Enter your Jira domain

  • API Token: Create and enter the API token for the associated Jira account

How to generate an API Token? Atlassian Account Settings - Securit - API Token - Create and Manage API Token - Create API token - Copy

  • Email: The email address associated with this Jira account

3. Click the Next button with all the required information filled in.

Step2. Select the project to import

  1. Select the project you want to import from the drop-down list.

  2. Click the Start Importing button.

Step3. Choose whether to sync work between Jira and Leiga

Tick the box to synchronize work with their summary, description, and status.

Import again

You can continue to import more projects after you connect Leiga with your Jira account.

Import History

View all the project importing records from Project Import History tab. You can easily find the project name, number of imported work, and importing results here.

Manage Synchronization

You can toggle the switch to turn on/off the work synced in the project between Jira and Leiga.

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