Figma Integration

Embed Figma files into Leiga work, allowing teams to preview the latest design.

Enable Figma Integration

Leiga organization admin permissions required

  1. Click on your avatar in the lower left and select Integrations in the menu.

  2. Find Figma from Design Tools. Click to enter the integration page.

  3. Click the Enable button.

How to use in projects

Enable Figma integration in the project

  1. Click on the "Settings" tab located at the top of the screen after entering the project.

  2. Select Features from the navigator.

  3. Find Figma and toggle the switch to enable Figma integration in projects.

  4. Select the work type to which you want to add the Figma field.

Embed Figma file in work details

By adding the Figma field to the work details pane, you can embed Figma files in the work. Just paste the Figma file link in the field.

More Figma integration features are coming soon.


1. When previewing a file with permission restrictions, the preview page still requires logging in even after logging in to the popup window.

Please check if you enable Incognito mode in your Chrome browser and if Block third-party cookies is on. If so, it will prevent you from logging in successfully in the small window.

Solution: Open a new tab to login into your Figma account

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