How to integrate with GitHub

To access GitHub integration:

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom left and select Integrations from the menu.

  2. Find GitLab in Development Tools and click to enter the GitHub integration page.

Both integrating GitHub permissions in Leiga and GitHub organization repository owner permissions are required.

You can integrate Leiga with GitHub in the following two ways:

Authorize by Login to GitHub

  1. Select Login GitHub to authorize Leiga

  2. Click the Connect to GitHub button at the bottom and log in to GitHub.

  1. Click Grant to allow Leiga access to your organization's repository, and then click Authorize Leiga.

If the button on the Authorization page for your organization's repository information displays as "Request", that indicates that you do not have administrator permissions.


1. What if I clicked the Authorize button directly instead of the Grant button behind the organization's repository?

Solution: Log in to your GitHub account, enter organization settings, find "Third-party access" - "Leiga Deny authorization", and grant Leiga access permission in the details.

2. How do I modify the organization repository's role permissions?

Solution: Log in to your GitHub account, and find the user in your organization. Set the user as owner. Then let the user with the owner's permission re-integrate Leiga and GitHub.

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