GitLab Integration

Connecting Leiga work with Gitlab code repositories makes cross-team collaboration easier than ever.

Once integrated, you will be able to:

  • View Gitlab code commit and merge requests in Leiga work details.

  • Create Gitlab branches and merge requests from Leiga.

  • See development performance and code commits reports in Dashboard widgets.

  • Add Automation that uses Git Push as triggers to automate the development collaboration process.

>>How to integrate with GitLab

View code commits and merge request records in Leiga

Sync activity data between Gitlab and Leiga works by adding Leiga work ID on the commit message.

Expand the GitLab on Leiga work details-"Plug-ins" page to see your code merge request and commit history.

Create branches and merge requests in Leiga

In addition to viewing commits and merge requests, you can also create Gitlab branches and merge requests directly from the Leiga work details.

To create a GitLab branch:

  1. Expand the GitLab icon on Leiga work details-"Plug-ins" page.

  2. Click the + Branch button.

  3. Select the depository and the source branch.

  4. Add the new branch name to create a branch linking with the work.

View build information in Leiga

If your organization is using Gitlab CI/CD, you can also enable Leiga's integration with Gitlab CI/CD to view the pipeline execution status in Leiga.

Leiga standard or above plan is required to unlock this feature

View the pipeline status in Leiga work details pane

You can view the execution status of associated pipelines in the Build List.

View the deployment information from the project navigator

Click Deployments in the project navigator to view GitLab pipeline builds information.

Hover over the status of the pipeline to see the detailed status of each stage.

To enable Leiga integration with GitLab CI/CD

  1. After integrating with Gitlab, enable GitLab CI/CD on the integration page. (Gitlab permission required). Then you can associate deployment data with Leiga work.

  1. Members can choose whether to enable the Deployment feature in their respective projects.

See development performance with dashboard widgets

Leiga's dashboard provides a rich set of widgets to get statistics on your team's work development after you have completed setting up Git integration.

  • Commit Efficiency: By counting the code submission frequency, you can understand the performance of the developer.

  • Merge Time Report: Observe the duration distribution of Merge requests for review and problem detection.

  • Merge Request Statistics: By counting the Merge request frequency, you can observe the performance of the R&D team in the period.

Automate the development collaboration process

Add Automation to eliminate information lag in cross-team collaboration by using Git Push as triggers.

Common rules

💡 When a Git commit is created for a {Pending} defect, then change its status to {Fixing}

💡 When a Git commit is created in a {defect} with {fix} in the commit message, then change its status to {pending}

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