Jenkins Integration

Connect Leiga with Jenkins to see the progress of the development on your project work.

After integration, you will be able to:

  • View builds and pipeline deployments on Jenkins in Leiga.

  • Automate the collaboration process by using build results as triggers for Automation.

Enable Jenkins Integration

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom left and select Integrations from the menu.

  2. Find Jenkins integration from Development Tools, and click to enter the integration description page.

  3. Complete the configuration step by step according to the guidelines to integrate.

Users need "Jenkins Integration" permission, which is typically granted to organization administrators by default.

Once the integration is complete, organization members can start using the following features.

Make Build Information available in Leiga

Deployments Information Pane

View the build information of your project work on the Deployments feature. Click on a work to expand its details associated with the build.

Enable the Jenkins Features, and the navigator Deployments will appear in the project.

View Build Information for a Work

You can also view the build status of each work on their details page.

Open the work details pane, switch to the Plug-ins tab, and expand the Integrated List to view the build records on this work.

Automate Your Collaboration Process

Use Jenkins Build Completed as the trigger, Jenkins Build Result, Jenkins Build Duration, and Jenkins custom parameters as conditions to automatically change works' status, set assignees, etc. to achieve intelligent R&D collaboration.

Example A

When: A Jenkins build is completed and the build result is {successful}.

Then: Change the work status to {In QA}.

Example B

When: A Jenkins build is completed and the duration is {more than 3600s}.

Then: notify DevOps colleagues.

Example C

When: A Jenkins build is completed and the build result is {successful} & Jenkins custom parameters {JSON comparison}, the value of the key {env} contain {Prod}.

Then: Notify the product owner.

How to integrate with Jenkins


1. How do I use custom parameters?

A custom parameter is a key-value pair that you can use to send the value you need to the Leiga system from Jenkinsfile. You can also use this value to automate your business process.

2. How do I associate work with the development process?

Add the work ID to the Git commits message to associate.

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