How to integrate with Jenkins

Leiga Plugin for Jenkins

Before uploading to Jenkins, make sure to extract the downloaded file in order to obtain the file with the .hpi extension.

Step1. Install the plugin in Jenkins

  1. Download the Leiga Plugin for Jenkins file.

  2. Log in to your Jenkins as an administrator.

  3. Click Manage Jenkins on the left and then click Mange Plugins.

  4. On the next page, switch to the Advanced tab. Then choose Leiga Plugin file(.hpi file) and click on Upload.

Step2. Configure Leiga Plugin Parameters

  1. Enter Jenkins integration page in Leiga, click on Get Configuration button. You will get WebHook Url and Secret Token.

  2. Back to Manage Jenkins and Click on Configure System and you will find Leiga application in this page.

  3. Fill in your Jenkins access address in Jenkins Url.

  4. Fill in the WebHook Url generated in the previous step from Leiga in WebHook Url.

  5. Click the Add button below.

  6. On the next page, Select Secret Text on the dropdown of Kind.

  7. Add the Secret Token generated from Leiga to Secret.

  8. Click the button to test the connection, and save the configuration if connect successfully.

Step3. Configure Git Tool Pipeline File

Add this function: lgSendBuildInfo(options) to Git tool pipe line file.

For the location where to add the function please refer to the following image.

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