Members Management

To Manage your organization members:

  1. Click your avatar in the lower left and select Organization Management from the menu.

  2. On the next page, select Members in the sidebar navigator.

Organization admin permissions required

Search and Filter

The members listed can be searched by their name or email, or filtered by their account status, groups, and roles.

Member account status:

  • Normal: members who have entered the organization and are using it normally.

  • Unactivated: members who have been sent email invitations but have not been activated through the email link.

  • Disabled: members who have been banned from accessing the organization.

You can invite new members to join the organization via email, or team link by clicking the Invite Members button at the top right.

Anyone in the organization can use the shortcut from the bottom of the sidebar to invite new member.

Create groups of members whom you can view the workload, share the dashboard with, or assign work.

Member Role

There are 3 roles in Leiga Organization:

  • Owner: The user who created the organization or the user to whom the ownership of the organization has been transferred.

  • Adminstrator: Users who are responsible for managing your organization including system setting and integrations etc, depending on the permissions granted.

  • Member: Users in your organization.

Converting member roles

  1. Use the search bar to Find the member that you want to change his/her role.

  2. Click on the Role column to expand the dropdown

  3. Switch his/her role to Owner, Admin, or Member.

Disable / Remove members

When a member leaves, you can Remove or Disable his/her account.


  • If a member is removed from the organization, the system will retain all the data of the removed member.

  • The member will not be able to access the organization after removal.

  • To restore access to the removed member, you need to invite the member to join the organization again.


  • Disables the members from accessing the organization.

  • The member will not be able to access the organization during his/her account being disabled.

  • You can restore the disabled account in the Member List.

To remove or disable a member:

  1. Find the member and hover over the Action column.

  2. Select the Remove or Disable icon.


1. Can I transfer the organization ownership to another member?

Yes. The organization owner can transfer ownership of the organization to another member by switching roles.

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