Invite New Members by Email

Invite by Email

If you are an organization administrator or organization owner, you can directly add members by entering their email addresses.

For detailed instructions, refer to Add Members in Bulkfor step-by-step guide.

If you are an organization member, invite people to join your organization by email:

  1. Enter one or more people's email addresses, enter or tab separated.

  2. Select the projects you want to add them to as soon as they join your organization.

  3. Click the Send Invitation button.

The members will get an email that gives them access to your organization and projects.

Invitation Log

All the invitation records of those invited by email can be viewed in the Invitation Log.

View the Invitation Log from Organization Management > Members > Requests To Join.

Resend or cancel the Invitation

Once you've sent an invitation, you can resend or cancel it before the invited person accepts and joins your organization.

  1. Enter the Members page from Organization Management.

  2. Find the member you want to resend the invitation from the unactivated users.

  3. Hover on the action column and click on the resend or cancel icon.

Unactivated members are those who have been sent email invitations but have not been activated through the email link.

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