Share Team Link to Invite New Members

Shareable invite link make it easy to invite lots of people to your organization. Members can share the team link through a variety of channels such as email, Slack, etc. You can also post the invite link in the onboarding guide for new employees.

People can access your organization via the invite link:

  • New users click to sign up for Leiga and request to join your organization.

  • Existing users request to join your organization via the link.

  1. Select the Invite by Team Link tab.

  2. Click the Copy Link button and share with people.


  • The invite link will never expire, but the link will be inactivated if you regenerate(Organization admin permission required).

  • Users can successfully join your organization when admins approve the requests.

Approve Requests to join the organization

The record of members who request to join the organization via the invite link can be viewed in the Request List. The new member will join successfully after you approve their requests on this page.

You can review all the join organization requests on the Member page(Organization admin permission required).

To approve or decline the requests:

  1. Click Member in the organization settings navigator.

  2. Click the Request To Join button in the upper right to view all the requests.

  3. On the request list, you can use the search bar or filter to find the users. Choose to Approve or Decline the user.

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