WebHooks allow Leiga to send messages of project changes automatically to external services or apps in response to various actions.

To create and manage WebHooks,

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab located at the top of the screen after entering the project.

  2. On the next page, select WebHooks from the setting navigator.

Create WebHooks

To create webhooks, click the Create Webhook button in the upper right corner.

Step 1: Select the server

The server indicates the platform to which the webhook sends messages.

Step 2: Select the events to subscribe

The message will be pushed to the specified platform when the selected event occurs.

Step 3: Set up the delivery method

  • WebHook Name: Displayed in the WebHook list for easier access to information

  • Address: Enter the URL of the WebHook link for the third-party platform.

  • Token: (Optional) Fill in if required.

  • Message Type: Customize the content to be sent using templates, supporting Markdown text, and custom JSON formats.

  • Template Type: Currently, only the Default template is available, enabling custom variables to populate templates with event message content.

After filling in all the required information, you can click the Test button to check the connection of the webhook. And then complete creation.

Copy WebHook from Other Projects

Copy a webhook from any project you have access to:

  1. Click the Copy WebHook button in the upper right corner

  2. Select a project.

  3. Select one or more webhooks to copy.

View WebHook Audit Log

The delivery records allow you to troubleshoot based on the request and response information when an exception exists on the external services or apps.

Click Audit Log on the action column to view the request and response information.

Disable Webhook

Toggle the switch to disable a webhook when you no longer need to subscribe to the events. You can re-enable it anytime.

Delete Webhook

Click the Delete button on the action bar to delete the webhook completely.

After deletion, the selected events will no longer listen while the delivery requests can not be restored.

Bulk Action

Select the check box of one or more WebHooks, and then the toolbar will appear.

You can bulk enable, disable, or delete the webhooks.

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