Work Type

Work Type

Work Types are the work with different details pane layout, consisting of different fields.

To manage the Work Types in your project,

  1. Click the Settings on the top navigator of your screen after entering the project.

  2. On the next page, select Work Type from the setting navigator.

Create a New Work Type

To create a new work type:

  1. Add a name.

  2. Select an icon.

  3. Set a workflow for the work type.

Please note that only the existing workflows are available for selection here.

>> How to configure workflow?

Customize Work Type

The newly created work types come with system preset fields. You can adjust the layout of fields or create custom fields for your needs.

To configure the existing work type, click the Customize Layout button on the action column.

Some organizational fields can only be modified by members with "Manage Fields" permission. >> Learn how to manage organization fields

Add Fields to the Layout

Drag and drop the available fields to the preview area to add them to the layout.

  • Adjust the position of the fields by dragging and dropping.

Remove Fields from the Layout

Drag and Drop the fields from the preview area to the available fields area to remove them from the layout.

Custom Fields

In addition, you can create custom fields such as formula, text, Integer, etc. to make the work details more informative. Click the +Create button to create new custom fields.

>> Learn more about custom fields

Modify Work Type Name and Icon after Created

Click the Edit button on the action column to modify the work type name and icon.

Copy Work Types from Existing Projects

To reuse work types from other projects,

  1. Click the Copy from other projects button.

  2. Select the project and work type.

  3. Choose whether to copy its workflow.

Please note that:

  • All fields from the work type will be duplicated.

  • If the duplicated work type name already exists in the project, then a new work type named "xxx' copy" will be created automatically.

  • If the duplicated work type contains a member field, the available range of members will be reset. You will need to adjust the member range manually in the current project.

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