Import Work Items

Prepare a data file for import

Download import template

  1. Download the import template.

Prepare import file

Organize your data into the template file for import.

  1. Columns in the file will be automatically mapped to fields in Leiga during import. Columns marked with * denotes required fields in Leiga.

  2. Each row indicates a work item record.

  3. A tab is created for each work type in the current project to input data for import.

  4. Up to 10,000 work items can be imported in one batch.

A column can be matched to a default field or a custom field.

You can also choose to exclude columns to be imported during mapping.

Import subtasks

  1. Add columns ID, Parent ID, and Work Type to the import file.

  2. For the subtask row, enter the subtask ID in the ID column, the parent work item's ID in the Parent ID column, and 'Subtask' in the Work Type column.

One parent work item can have multiple subtasks, the ID for each subtask must be unique.

Data formatting requirements

Formatting for date and date/time fields







(24 hour time)

2023-06-01 16:00:00

Formatting for multi-value fields

Use "," to separate multiple values in a single field.

Example: tag1,tag2,tag3

Upload file

Click the Upload button to upload your prepared import file.

Field matching

  1. After the file is uploaded, click Next to match the columns to fields in Leiga.

  2. The fields will be automatically matched first. You can edit them manually if needed.

Finalize importing into Leiga

  1. Click Next to continue.

  2. Click Start Importing to complete the import.

Import Work from Jira

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