Email Integration

Effortlessly create work and add comments by sending emails. Stay organized and collaborate seamlessly without leaving your email client.

You can only create work or add comments by sending messages from an email associated with your Leiga account.

Create Work via Emails

You can create work by sending emails to the email address provided by Leiga(Click on Create Work from Email to get an email address).

Here's how Leiga interprets your email:

Work DetailDescription

Project and Work Type

Use tags in the subject of your email to specify the project and work type.

  • <project Project Name>

  • <Work Type Name>

If not specified, Leiga will create work in the default project you configured in Create Work from Email.


The subject line of the email will be the title.


The body text of the email will be the description.


You and CC'd email recipients.

Assignee, Priority, Due Date

Leiga AI will extract the content from emails and set it as the assignee, priority and due date for work.

Add Comments via Automation Emails

If you reply to Leiga automation emails, your response is added as a comment to the work you received a notification about.

  • The emailed reply to Leiga:

  • The emailed reply in Leiga:


  1. I sent an email, but it was not created successfully, and I did not receive a failure notification email.

Including images or attachments in the email body may result in a failed work creation. We will support this in future versions.

  1. I sent an email with attachments, but it's not found in the created work.

It is not supported yet, so attachments are filtered out. We will support it soon.

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