Notion Integration(coming soon)

The Leiga Notion integration brings Leiga works into Notion to see the latest updates across teams.

Setting up the Notion Integration

Make sure you have Admin access to both Leiga integration settings and Notion.

To integrate with Notion in Leiga:

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom left and select Integrations from the menu.

  2. Find Notion integration on the app overview page and click to enter.

  3. On the Notion integration page, click Install and you will be redirected to Notion to accept the request and install Leiga.

When you paste a work, epic URL from Leiga to Notion, select the Paste as preview (or Paste as mention) option. Instead of a plain link, you’ll now see a live preview of your Leiga work or epic with up-to-date information directly in Notion. For works, the preview shows the work summary, description, status, work ID, priority, assignee, and the date of the last update. Epic previews contain epic summary, owner, status, priority and the date of the last update. Once any of these properties change in Leiga, the preview in Notion changes accordingly (on-page reload or manual preview refresh).



How to integrate with Notion

Notion only supports per-user authentication (and not one authentication for the entire workspace). This means that every user has to connect Leiga with their Notion account individually.

In addition to the above mentioned ways to enable Notion integration in Leiga, you can also connect Leiga to Notion in the following two ways.

  • Open the My Connections page in your Notion settings, look for Leiga in the Discover new connections section, and click Connect.

  • You can paste a URL of a Leiga work, epic to a Notion page of your choosing. Then select Paste as a preview option and connect Leiga to Notion directly.

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