Cross-Project Collaboration

Applicable for cross-project task management, it improves communication, collaboration, and information sharing among different teams, enhancing overall project management efficiency.

When the Feedback is adopted as a User Story and transferred to {In Dev} status in {Development} Project, sync the Feedback status

In the case of Cross-project automation, the automation needs to be set in the project in which the trigger happens.


Field Update - Modify Status

Add Fields Conditions

- Status

- From... To...

- From: To Do(Story), In Design(Story) - To: In Dev(Story)

& Objects: Linked Work Linked work exists Affiliated Project: - {Development} Condition Type: - Exact Match - Status - One of... - To Do(Feedback), Adopted(Feedback)

Objects: Linked Work Affiliated Project: - {Development} - Modify Fields - Modify Status - Planned(Feedback)

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